About Apodyopsis

Hey Everyone!

So Apodyopsis is a Heroic raiding guild on Kalecgos Horde side. It is a PVP realm that is connected with Shattered Halls, Executus, and Deathwing. We are an adult guild, with adult like jokes and child like minds. We want to clear bosses while having fun, so we do expect our raiders to show up on time, with flasks, potions, food and knowledge of the fight. As a guild we do help with enchants and gems, and if we have around 20 people in raid we will drop a cauldron for flasks.

We run Personal Loot system, for those who are wondering.

Raid Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Times: 6pm-9pm, Invites start at 5:50pm (Server time, which is PST)

Guild motto's:

"It's always the hunters fault"

"Tacos are for life"

"Pumpkin Spice, not just for white girls."

"Our GM is a Canadian. We aren't sorry"



by Leira1352, 141 days ago

We are currently recruiting all classes for range DPS and 1-2 direct healers. Click on Apply to Guild on the left if you'd like to join us in killing dragons, creepy tree eyes, and nightmare infused Satyrs.

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